May Project Leader Spotlight: Jerson Dulis

Q: How did you hear about HandsOn Broward?
A: I heard about HandsOn Broward from one of my mentors (Pamela Carre) years ago who insisted that I got involved with the organization since she realized that I was always seeking volunteer opportunities and ways to be of service to my community. At the time it was called Volunteer Broward, it was the perfect referral for everything I wanted to do in the realm of volunteering.

Q: How has volunteering impacted your personal/professional goals?
A: Volunteering has had a tremendous impact on my personal and professional goals. It gives me a sense of fulfillment that money can’t buy, knowing that I am part of a solution to the growing problems in our communities. Through volunteering, I have acquired better leadership, social skills, an expanded network and partnerships that are essential for my personal/professional goals and growth.

Q:What volunteering projects have you worked on in the past? What projects are you currently working on?
A:Some of the most rewarding volunteering projects I’ve worked on in the recent past are the annual feeding the homeless initiatives with the Greater Caribbean American Cultural Coalition of Broward County & Clothing drives for the earthquake victims of Haiti. I am currently working on a few summer mentoring programs to help keep some children in our communities out of prison and off drugs during the summer break.

Q:Any advice for new volunteers?
A: Seek volunteer opportunities that match your interest or passion. It will make your volunteer experience much more rich and rewarding. I encourage all new volunteers to remain connected to HandsOn Broward and maximize this opportunity of building life long relationships with others who share the same ideals in building a better community through volunteering.

Q:What made you want to take the next step and becoming a Project Leader?
A:I thought that it would be a win-win situation to become a Project Leader  because it gives me access to programs or events that I’m most passionate about in my community and allows me to serve while learning. Being a Project Leader also gives me the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning, task management and organization.

Q: Why would you recommend becoming a Project Leader to other volunteers?
A: I would recommend other volunteers to become Project Leaders simply because it’s a unique opportunity for them to be able to lead a project from beginning to end and apply their leadership skills by becoming more proactive throughout the process.

Q: Any quotes that sum up your overall experience?
A:“The roots of happiness grows best in the soil of service”

Thanks, Jerson! And Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!

Yours in Service,
The HandsOn Broward Team


May 2012 Volunteer Spotlight: Allison Jones

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight goes out to Allison Jones! An amazing volunteer full of excitement and zeal when working in our community! Here’s what Allison has to say about her volunteering experience:

Q: How did you hear about HandsOn Broward?
A: I heard about Hands on Broward while I was participating in the Clothe You Neighbor volunteer project through Hands on Charlotte in North Carolina. At the time, I was looking for similar volunteer opportunities in the Florida area and my project leader suggested Hands on Broward.

Q: How has volunteering impacted your personal/professional goals?
A: Volunteering has motivated me to reach for the moon. I genuinely enjoy helping people and making our community stronger. My experiences volunteering remind me of my overall goals, the importance of family and friends, and where I am trying to go in life.

Q: What projects have you worked on in the past and what projects are you currently working on?
A:I have worked on many projects with Hands on Broward including Feeding South Florida,  the Cooperative Feeding Program project, Feeding the Hungry, the Feeding Program at First Congressional Church, the Harbor Beach Rehab Center project, the Markham Park Nursery project, Friends Ranch Cleanup, and the Afterschool Recreation Program with Greater Horizons Academy. My most recent project was a 6 week program with FLIPANY and Cooking Matters at South Plantation High School teaching deaf, low-income teenagers how to cook healthy foods in a safe and fun way. I am looking forward to future volunteering with the Young at Art Museum in Davie and the Broward Outreach Center in Pompano.

Q: Any advice for new volunteers?
A: I would tell new volunteers to enjoy the projects! Use the opportunities available through Hands On Broward to try something new and to meet new friends. You are able to grow as a person and help strengthen the community.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” -Les Brown

Thanks, Allison, YOU ROCK!

Yours in Service, The HandsOn Broward Team!