July Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie Posada

ImageThis month’s Volunteer Spotlight belongs to Stephanie Posada (pictured left, with fellow HOB volunteer Blanca Camacho).  Stephanie did something pretty cool – she created her own volunteer project!  After volunteering at Broward Outreach Center feeding the homeless, she wanted to get some friends together for an afternoon of making sandwiches to donate to the Center.

Stephanie first heard of HandsOn Broward doing some online research for volunteer opportunities.  “Once at orientation, I quickly realized this is an amazing organization to be a part of!”

Her first project was volunteering at BOC.  “I absolutely loved helping out at the Broward Outreach Center. I was able to help get food prepared, and then serve the food to everyone staying at the Center. There are so many people less fortunate than I, and I love being able to help them in any way I can. It’s a blessing to be able to put a smile on someone else’s face, and know that because of my help, they aren’t hungry today!”

This Imageexperience motivated Stephanie to take the initiative and create her own sandwich-making project.  Because the volunteer spots on BOC projects are filled up so quickly, she wanted to see if there was something else she (and some friends and family) could do to help.   She reached out to HOB and scheduled a date to drop off the sandwiches.  “The sandwiches are a staple at the Center, as they are easy for the guests to grab and take with them. I also added a personal touch, by putting inspirational/motivational messages on the sandwiches, to let each and every person know that they are special, and are able to do ANYTHING they put their mind to.”

Stephanie will be scheduling her next sandwich-making project soon.  We love that Stephanie took that extra step of doing her own project – and that she added the notes to the sandwiches, like the one you see here.  Thanks so much for the support you’ve shown the community, Stephanie!!  It is very much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “July Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie Posada

  1. Great Work!!!! Nxt time maybe if you post it other people can join in your sandwich making. I know I would love to help too!

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