October Volunteer Spotlight: Jonathan Gomez


By Amanda Hoffman

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight belongs to Jonathan Gomez, who recently joined the HandsOn Broward team after hearing about it from a friend. Jonathan was motivated to volunteer when he found himself with a lot of leisure time on his hands. “I came to the United States a few months ago and I am studying English for now so I have a lot of free time. Besides, I have always been a proactive person; therefore, I try to make the best use of my time. Additionally, I heard that volunteer programs are very efficient in this country so I decided to get involved to help people in need.”

It’s not only Jonathan’s proactive personality that helped him get involved in his community, but also his charitable nature. “I enjoy volunteering because I love helping people regardless of age, social status or race. If people need help, I would be more than happy to help them.”

Though he’s only been with HandsOn Broward for a short time, Jonathan already has a favorite memory. “I have participated in a few projects, but if I had to choose one of them, I would say that Children’s Award Ceremony Dinner (Salvation Army) was my favorite. They did a great job awarding homeless children and their family as a result of their excellent academic achievement.”

For new volunteers, Jonathan has some words of wisdom about being a team player when volunteering. “My advice is to always be willing to help regarding the project because the main goal is to collaborate as a team and to do the best job. Sometimes, a project could be unpredictable but the job has to be done no matter the obstacles. Even if you have to deal with unexpected situations your role is to do your part in order to make the project succeed.”

Jonathan’s generous spirit and driven personality make him an indispensable part of HandsOn Broward. Thank you for all that you do, Jonathan!


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