Project Leader Spotlight: Sami Fleisher


By Amanda Hoffman

On Monday, May 27th, HandsOn Broward Youth Leadership Academy member Sami Fleisher led a volunteer project to benefit the LifeNet4Families organization. With Sami’s leadership, volunteers assisted with food service, sorting food in the food pantry, and passing out 300 hygiene kits for individuals who rely on the support of LifeNet4Families.

One of the reasons the project came together so flawlessly on Monday was due to all the hard work Sami put in to help organize the event. “I spoke to many Publix managers, who donated 300 reusable bags, and representatives from Walmart and Target who donated gift cards to my project. The majority of donations came from students at Stoneman Douglas High School. I placed bins around school where students could bring in items for extra credit and I involved many clubs. I also advertised around town to receive donations through social media and flyers. This was a huge portion of the ‘behind the scenes’ work.”

LifeNet4Families is a local food bank that serves meals to the homeless and also offers other services including showers, haircuts and clothing drives. Sami specifically chose the LifeNet4Families organization after volunteering there several times. “I love the way the facility is run and how they serve anyone who is in need for a meal. Since I was familiar with the organization I thought it was a perfect place to host my project.”

Although Sami’s friends and family gave her some help, the project was mainly driven by Sami’s passion for helping others. “I volunteer because it is my passion and I want to help as many people as I can,” says Sami. “Volunteering is important because it is critical to give back to the community.”

This certainly isn’t the last we’ll see of Sami: she can’t wait to lead another project, preferably one that benefits the homeless.


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