April Volunteer Spotlight: Marsha Dixon

Marsha Dixon

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight belongs to one of our newer volunteers, Marsha Dixon. Marsha began volunteering with HandsOn Broward in February, but has certainly hit the ground running. She initially found HandsOn Broward the way most people do, through a Google search. “I did a search online for volunteer opportunities in Broward County and HandsOn Broward popped up,” Marsha said. “I also learned of HandsOn Broward through the volunteer link at FAU where I attend school.”

Marsha has already volunteered with a variety of organizations, such as Jubilee Center of South Broward, Broward Outreach Center, Dania Beach PATCH, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Marsha enjoys being able to have different experiences at different projects. “The experience for each assignment was uniquely different. At the Jubilee Center and Broward Outreach Center I prepared meals and served the hungry. To be able to make a hearty meal for someone in need was very humbling. I worked as a pit stop volunteer for the AIDS Walk for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This experience was super high energy and very exciting! I provided water and refreshments to the walkers and cheered them on as they made their way to the finish line. The best part about this event was watching Salt N Pepa performed at the music festival,” she said. “The gardening PATCH in Dania Beach was the most physical of all the assignments. I have never gardened before and was totally surprised by how much I truly enjoyed it. I shoveled soil, arranged plant pots, swept debris, pulled weeds, and made lemonade from the produce within the garden. I even planted jalapenos! I also volunteered for the 2nd annual Human Race hosted by HandsOn Broward. I helped set up tables for registration, slice oranges for the refreshments, and unload the equipment for the event. Even though this assignment started at 4:30am, it was great being able to volunteer for a cause that will impact so many within our community.”

Marsha wanted to get involved in her community because she enjoys participating in positive change. “I’m motivated by positive action. We are bombarded with so much negativity on the news and through social media that sometimes it’s hard to see the good,” she said. Through volunteering, I see the positive within my community. I’m motivated by change and hope for a better future for South Florida.

Marsha enjoys feeling like she’s able to make a positive impact in her community, and is able to meet other individuals with similar interests in the process. “I volunteer to make a difference. I connect with other volunteers that share the same interests as I do. I am happy to support organizations that are dedicated to making a difference within our communities,” she said.

When asked what advice she has for new volunteers, Marsha said, “Just do it! Volunteering is rewarding and an eye opener for so many possibilities. Your encouragement, smile, and helping hand can make a world of difference.”

Your helping hand truly has made a difference in Broward County, Marsha. Thank you for all you do!