August Volunteer Spotlight



Meet Makelly Scott, one of HandsOn Broward’s passionate and driven volunteers. Makelly began volunteering through HandsOn Broward almost 10 years ago, since then, her dedication and passion to serving the community has grown tremendously. There are several reasons Makelly began volunteering, but she says, most importantly, “The need for assistance in many area of our society is great. The non-profit organizations, whose mission is to attend to some of the societal issues that are inadequately addressed by for profits businesses and government, are often not sufficiently staffed to meet the challenges.  Whether it’s helping in an animal or homeless shelter, soup kitchens to cleaning beaches and parks for a cleaner environment, the more people who are willing to contribute their time to a cause, brings those agencies closer to accomplishing their mission, resolving issues and making a real difference.”

Makelly has really been devoted to her word, and began volunteering at The Jubilee Center of South Broward County in September of 2015. The Jubilee Center helps distribute emergency groceries, hygiene products, and clothing and offers referral services to other agencies for the homeless and needy. While volunteering at Jubilee, Makelly, formed a bond with now Executive Director of Jubilee, LeAnna Vazquez. At the time, LeAnna, also a volunteer, stated, “I was immediately impressed by her work ethic and even more so by her passion for all that we do at Jubilee.” Makelly became a known face at The Jubilee Center and once LeAnna became Executive Director, a part-time office assistant position opened up and she knew Makelly would be the perfect fit for the Jubilee Family.  Even after becoming staff with Jubilee, Makelly still spends her spare hours and days serving meals and volunteering at Jubilee through HandsOn Broward. “It is a testament to her dedication to helping those in need,” said LeAnna.

When asked whether she had any advice to new volunteers, Makelly stated, “Knowing that I’m blessed and can be a blessing to others is what motivated me to start volunteering. Volunteers should address a cause that’s dear to them, with an open heart and no judgment.” You’ve definitely exemplified that advice.  Thank you, Makelly, for all that you do to make a difference in our community.


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