April Volunteer Spotlight: Leah Brown


Our April 2018 Volunteer Spotlight goes to our social service minded Project Leader,
Leah Brown. She became a volunteer with us in July of 2017 and took on the mantle as Project Leader in October of the same year. Since then, her leadership capacity and confidence to lead has grown in a way that has made us proud to have her as one of our ambassadors. She had heard about HandsOn Broward by surfing the web for opportunities to volunteer, and said she was searching, “not just to serve but to be educated on the needs of the community.” She found just that and has made such a big impact on the community at social services projects.
Leah is a regular volunteer at the Young Professionals for Covenant House – Kids Fun Night where she enjoys interacting with the kids, listening to them and giving them her undivided attention. At the 33311 Family Festival she was instrumental in mobilizing the volunteer to help with vendor setup, welcoming patrons and providing support in the social services workshops. Movies, Muffins & Beyond had her participating in the cupcake baking and decorating with the children and families housed at the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Lauderdale. Survivors Stroll gave her the opportunity to connect with social service based non-profit organization Hosanna4Youth, finding more ways she can help to fill the need. Furthermore she attended the Children’s Services Council Ambassador Training which means that she is a part of a group committed to being CSC Ambassador at resource events in the community, which will reach families and children who may not be aware of the resources available to them.
“… [V]olunteering for HandsOn Broward has been nothing but beneficial in that I have met great people doing great things for the communities,” are Leah’s words about her experience at all of volunteer opportunities we exposed her to, “I have been able to service others with a smile and provide resourceful information to make lives better.” She does so much by taking the time to volunteer herself to help out in the community; you can see her huge passion for service at all the events she attends. She is active at her local church in,”practically all auxiliaries and have developed a passion for servicing others”. So while she was nervous at the opportunity to take on the role as HandsOn Broward Project Leader, she said that the role was, ” a duty and responsibility to my community; to advocate for agencies who help the public.” Since then she has grown tremendously as a Project Leader with us. She led the charge on mobilizing the volunteers for the Survivor Stroll and did a wonderful job at it, so much that the organizer expressed great gratitude for her being there, praised her wonderful personality and genuine passion for the work being done. This passion she
used to motivate the volunteers to serving there
Leah advises anyone looking to lead through service to become a volunteer. She says, ” whether it is a leadership role, or helping as a volunteer, we all can make a difference.”  Through her service, Leah has embodied the “change” we want to see in the world. In her words, ” [Service] is rewarding and gives you a sense of purpose while changing the lives of other.”
To all aspiring Project Leaders she says, “serve by listening and taking action; fill the need.” To her we say, “Thank You Leah for being the change”
Written by Phillippa Paisley, Volunteer Coordinator

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