Reflection: Starbucks Service Fellows

By Carolina Bosco

IMG_1486Six months may seem like a long time but the expression holds true; Time flies when you’re having fun! Throughout the last six months, Broward Starbucks Service Fellows accomplished more than we would have ever imagined. The four of us were tasked to help build resiliency in our community with a focus on disaster preparation. We faced the challenge head on, focusing on Florida’s most common natural disasters, hurricanes. We became as knowledgeable as we could in order to spread information that could protect our neighbors. We even attended CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and CPR training! We held prep trainings, like our “Zombie Apocalypse” Halloween-theme training and attended naturalist courses to become project leaders: learning to collect data and plant sea oats IMG_1480
with Project ROC; furthering the protection of our coastal communities from hurricane destruction.  One of our favorite projects were our Monday Motivation videos, giving us the ability to spread hurricane prep tips to an endless amount of people through social media. We developed skills and learned best practices that helped us protect our families and continue to help/educate our neighbors for a lifetime.IMG_1481

We also participated in projects with HandsOn Broward that we loved being a part of! From taking part in the volunteer opportunities HandsOn Broward offered on their “Opportunity Calendar” to Special Projects; we really gave our all to help Broward as much as we possibly could. We were able to promote youth literacy and create beautiful murals for the county with Broward Reads for the Record. We helped create a legacy for the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School shooting by facilitating Parkland Hearts projects. Each project was incredibly meaningful and we all felt so blessed to be a part of the positive change in our neighborhoods.

When the four of us fellows started this journey, IMG_1483we never imagined how impactful it
would be for us. We have gained experience in non-profit management, volunteer project organization, volunteer recruitment and so much more. We were thrown challenges that we faced as a team to find solutions. We each grew individually and acquired skills that we wouldn’t have developed without this opportunity.  The experience has changed all of our career plans! We will all continue to develop the skills we have attained and promote volunteerism in our communities!





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